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Read the latest news about Babylon The Multilingual Virtual Contactcenter.

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Customer Service

One company, one voice, one technology, all together Babylon is customer service, multilingual and virtual. Using the platform we have developed, agents all over the world help you with your customer contacts. The result is a fully virtual customer care centre. .

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Since we are always looking for high-quality, educated personnel, we regularly have interesting job vacancies on our site. We are looking for multilingual personnel for our vacant positions.

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Training and Education

Our experts develop customised training programmes. These extensive training modules enable us to guarantee that our employees have thorough knowledge of your products and/or services. This knowledge means they are essentially a direct, high-quality extension of your company.

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The Multilingual Virtual Contact Center

NaamloosWe can bring your work to highly-skilled people all over the world

Babylon offers full customer service, with the added benefit of multilingual, virtual employees. Using the platform we have developed, agents all over the world help you with your customer contacts. The result is a fully virtual customer care centre which allows us to meet the need to outsource all or part of your customer contact activities. Since we offer virtual customer care, it is possible to communicate with your customers in any language. After all, what could be better than to be able to help a German customer, in German? In order to guarantee this level of service, we only hire highly qualified employees.

Hiring and recruiting

Quality is a top priority for us, and this is also the main reason we only recruit highly trained personnel.

The majority of our ‘virtual’ employees have completed a programme in higher professional education, and have gained a great deal of experience in other positions. Thanks to this background, they bring considerable knowledge, professionalism and experience to their work for us, and can handle any interaction with customers.

Because they are extremely motivated to be able to continue working from home, our employees are also intrinsically motivated in their work. We only recruit the most qualified people from the thousands of individuals who apply to Babylon. Our selection process involves several steps. After they have completed these steps, we are able to determine whether or not someone is truly a good fit for both our organisation and that of our clients.

During this process, we screen candidates based on several main areas:

  • Use of language
  • Educational level
  • Skills
  • Specific knowledge
  • (Social) background check

Only those applicants who meet all the criteria in our client’s profile will qualify for an employment contract. From this perspective, we maintain a continuous curriculum of customised training programmes and educational possibilities to ensure that our call centre agents work precisely according to our clients’ standards.


Customer Care Improvement

Customer Care Increase your customer satisfaction, lower your service costs, and acquire new customers.
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Jobs Look no further! Come work at our call center! We offer the challenge and appreciation that you’re looking for!
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